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Feb 12 2018

If you are familiar with chiropractic care, you understand that the body has an internal system, or inner doctor, working to heal itself. This healing can be enhanced through chiropractic treatment to correct subluxations, resulting in health and wholeness from deep within. Is it any wonder that family chiropractic treatment has become the most popular drug-free profession in the world?

No matter the age or type of activity, each age group has particular conditions that they face. Family chiropractors offer a unique treatment method that helps to combat the various health issues that arise during the different stages of life.

Feb 05 2018

Neck pain is common among adults but it can occur at any age. It can develop suddenly, such as from an injury, or it may develop slowly over time, such as from years of poor posture or just aging. Most problems with the cervical spine develop over time, but they can also be caused or accelerated by an injury. Most instances of neck pain will go away within a few days or weeks, but the pain that persists for months could signal an underlying cause that needs to be addressed. A neck chiropractor is trained to find the underlying cause of chronic pain and then prescribe the appropriate treatment for the best results.

Jan 08 2018

The human body is a very complex system with many sub-systems. A chiropractic adjustment realigns the joints, especially those in the spine, lower back and neck areas. The question is, “How long does chiropractic treatment take?” The answers below will give you an idea as to what to expect when looking for chiropractic services.

  1. The initial examination and consultation could last from one to two hours. The follow-up chiropractic sessions consisting of a spinal adjustment and counseling (exercises, nutrition, or etc.) could last from 15 to 30 minutes.
  2. A common chiropractic program is 3 times per week for the first 2 to 4 weeks, followed by a re-evaluation. The frequency of visits to the chiropractor should decrease as the patient's pain and function improve. 
  3. Complex cases may take a longer session, but a chiropractic session, in general, can be expected to take about 15 to 30 minutes.
Jan 15 2018

Massage therapy actually works in conjunction with and enhances the chiropractic therapy a patient receives. When someone decides to give chiropractic therapy a try, massage therapy may also be considered a component of their care. Because of that, many chiropractic clinics employ licensed and certified massage therapists that serve to complement the work of the chiropractors or other practitioners. When a patient arrives at the clinic for their chiropractic therapy (a spinal adjustment), they may choose to receive massage therapy, ultrasound, physical therapy, or electric stimulation treatment. The main purpose of these different forms of treatment is to relax the muscles of the patient so that they actually receive a better adjustment.

A professional massage therapist helps to ensure that patients are relaxed from the time of their arrival to the time they leave. Because the chiropractic clinic adheres to all state and local licensing requirements for massage therapists, the patient can have peace of mind while receiving massage therapy.

Dec 11 2017

You may be considering chiropractic care for the first time in your life and wondering just how does chiropractic therapy work? Your first appointment at the chiropractic clinic will consist of a thorough examination to evaluate your condition and diagnose the underlying cause of the problem that may be causing your pain. After the doctor’s review and in consultation with you, a course of treatment will be prescribed that is specifically designed for you.

After just a few treatments, and depending on the nature and extent of your specific problem, you should start to noticeably feel better. The frequency of visits to the chiropractic clinic should decrease as your pain and function improve, going from possibly two to three times a week of intense chiropractic therapy, to eventually once a month as maintenance.


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