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Back pain can be debilitating. It can affect your sleep, prohibit daily activities, and lead to depression and anxiety. Some people may be anxious about trying chiropractic care, but it has been proven to be a safe and effective method of relieving pain. Although it may take several chiropractic adjustments to achieve total well-being, many patients report that they have felt relief from pain just after their first chiropractic adjustment.

So, are chiropractic adjustments painful? If the chiropractic adjustment is performed properly by a trained chiropractor, there should be no pain during treatment. It is natural for some people to feel a little soreness after an adjustment. After all, some bones and joints have been moved back into the right position after being out of alignment.

Patients report that the soreness they feel is similar to how they would feel after vigorous exercise or intense stretching. So, to help alleviate some or all of any soreness, it is important that patients drink plenty of water and use an ice pack after treatment.

Are you wondering what exactly are chiropractic adjustments? It simply means that calculated pressure is applied to your back in order to realign your spinal column. Chiropractors will either use their hands to apply pressure, or they will use a small instrument that manipulates the joints in a quick, controlled fashion. Relief from pain may be immediate, or it may take several treatments, while also promoting better posture and improved the function of your body.

Tip to Remember: Some chiropractors recommend a massage before receiving a chiropractic adjustment. This will release tight muscles so that your adjustment is more effective.

Have more questions about chiropractic adjustments? Call McKim Chiropractic today to schedule a consultation with one of our trained chiropractic doctors. Our licensed and certified staff is happy to help the residents of Nampa, ID, and Caldwell, ID live life pain-free!


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