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May 13 2019

There is a concern among family chiropractors that many families have given up on exercise programs. Busy parents start and stop various training programs, join gyms, and buy workout clothes, spending their hard-earned income on things they end up not using. Ultimately, the whole family loses out on the benefits of exercise.

Why is starting an exercise program so difficult? There are so many forms of exercise to choose from that fitting it into a busy schedule is overwhelming. There is weight-lifting, swimming, bicycling, running, Pilates, yoga, tennis, baseball, and the list goes on. The challenge is selecting the form of exercise that’s best for you and your family, and then having the knowledge to begin training in a way that it will be beneficial and not harmful.

With summer on the way, families are getting outside and starting some form of exercise. However, if you’ve been sitting on the couch all winter, it’s easy to hurt yourself. Doing too much too soon or doing the wrong type of exercise is a typical cause of injury. Those who really don’t want to exercise in the first place and get hurt after a few day or weeks into their new program will probably quit and not start again.

To benefit the long-term health and well-being of yourself and your family, there are two critical things to remember. Take a look below:

  • Walking can be a family event -- The best solution to start an exercise program is walking. It is low-impact, requires minimal equipment, no expensive gym membership, and it generally takes place outside in fresh air and sunshine, providing additional benefits.
  • Finding a Family Chiropractor -- A family maintenance program will benefit each family member. Chiropractic care helps to maintain the integrity of the nervous system by keeping the spine flexible and the body in control of the movements of its own vertebrae.

To find out more about chiropractic care for your entire family, our family chiropractors at McKim Chiropractic will be happy to answer any of your questions and to evaluate the specific needs of each of your family members.

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