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The term “chiropractic adjustment” can also be referred to as “spinal manipulation.” As you may already know, this is the primary chiropractic treatment method for back pain, relieving pressure on joints, reducing inflammation, and improving nerve function. Chiropractic adjustments have been a trusted form of treatment since the ancient Greek Hippocrates documented manipulative techniques in his writings back in 1500 B.C. Today, spinal manipulation (chiropractic adjustment) is used to treat many other conditions, including allergies, menstrual cramps, headaches/migraines, neck pain, and back pain.

So what happens when you get a chiropractic adjustment? Although there are different techniques used by chiropractors (some may use manual force, while others techniques are more gentle), all are intended with specific and precise manipulation to restore or enhance joint function with the objectives of reducing joint pain and inflammation. Chiropractic adjustments can keep body functioning at its highest level without pain. When the spine is in proper alignment, the body can respond and perform as it was built to do.

When you go to a chiropractor, one of the key conditions the doctor will be looking for a “subluxation,” a misalignment of the vertebrae resulting in interference with nerve transmission and impacting body function. This term could also include any distortion or imbalance anywhere in the body that interferes with the conduction of nerve impulses or other body structures, negatively affecting your health.

Before chiropractic treatment is prescribed, you will be given an examination, consisting of feeling for the movement in the spine, x-rays, or possibly an MRI, range of motion, and strength of muscle test. After consultation with a chiropractor, you will then be prescribed a course of treatment designed specifically for you.

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