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The shoulder, the most movable joint in the human body, consists of a group of four muscles and their tendons, called the rotator cuff, giving the shoulder a wide range of motion. When there is damage, swelling, or bone changes around the rotator cuff, you will experience shoulder pain. It may be difficult to lift your arm above your head, or to move it forward or behind your back.

One of the most common complaints, shoulder pain can be caused by many issues, Such as:

  • Arthritis
  • Bone spurs
  • Bursitis
  • Broken shoulder bone
  • Dislocation of the shoulder
  • Frozen shoulder
  • Overuse or injury of nearby tendons
  • Tears of the rotator cuff tendons
  • Poor posture.

If you’re wondering what is the fastest way to relieve shoulder pain, the first step is to consult a trained shoulder chiropractor. They will diagnose the cause of your pain and then prescribe a course of chiropractic treatment designed specifically for you. They may also offer advice on things to do at home that will complement chiropractic treatment, such as:

  • Alternate 15 minutes, put ice (wrapped in a cloth) on the painful area, and then take off, three to four times a day for several days.
  • Rest your shoulder for a few days.
  • Slowly assume regular activities.
  • Take ibuprofen or acetaminophen which will help reduce inflammation and pain.
  • Practice good posture to keep your shoulder muscles and tendons in the right position.

A healthy balanced diet of whole foods, fats, carbs, and protein will boost your body's natural healing process. Inflammation is your body can be reduced through certain foods, such as olive oil, fatty fish (salmon, sardines, mackerel, and tuna), tomatoes, fruits (like blueberries, strawberries, oranges, and cherries), nuts (like walnuts and almonds), green leafy vegetables (such as kale, spinach, and collards), celery juice or beet juice, herbs and spices (such as ginger, cayenne, cinnamon, and turmeric).

A word of advice: Like any other painful condition, the quicker you get the appropriate care, the quicker the pain will go away and allow you to return to normal activities. It is also less likely to develop into a recurring problem.

Need to know more about what is the fastest way to relieve shoulder pain? Call McKim Chiropractic today to schedule a consultation with a shoulder chiropractor. Our licensed and certified staff is happy to help the residents of Nampa, ID, and Caldwell, ID achieve freedom from pain.

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