Types of Alternative Chiropractic Therapy:

There are a number of different chiropractic therapies used to reduce pain and alleviate other symptoms. When choosing a treatment plan, we ensure that our approach is best suited to your symptoms, health history, and physical requirements.

  • Therapeutic Exercise -- Targets the muscles of the neck, abdomen and back to strengthen the muscles supporting the spine. These exercises are normally recommended for patients experiencing difficulties in their extremities due to weak core muscles.
  • Stretching Exercises -- May be used in conjunction with strengthening exercises, and are recommended for patients experiencing decreased flexibility in the neck and spine.
  • Ice and Heat Therapy -- Used to treat muscular problems in the back and spine, and may also be used to treat damaged discs.  Ice therapy decreases swelling and pain, while heat therapy eases sore muscles.
  • Lifestyle Coaching -- If your pain results from poor lifestyle habits, you will be offered assistance to work through these issues in order to alleviate or eliminate your symptoms and pain.  Posture, exercise habits, weight gain, and occupational hazards are all examples of lifestyle complications that can be addressed.
  • Ultrasound Therapy – Deep heat therapy created by sound waves, which when applied to muscles and ligaments, relax muscles through a micro-massage, increasing blood flow and soothe pain and swelling. Though typically used in chronic conditions, ultrasound therapy can also be used in acute cases to ease persistent pain.

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