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Leading Chiropractor Treatment Involves...

Chiropractic is a course of treatment. The number of treatments required depends on the nature of the condition, how long it has been present and what you want out of the treatment.

  • Initial Consultation:  We will take a full and detailed medical history and carry out a thorough physical, orthopedic, neurological and chiropractic examination. Other tests, such as x-rays or MRI scans might also be necessary.
  • Second appointment:  We will explain the findings from the initial examination, including x-rays or scans, and then discuss the diagnosis and our recommended course for treatment.  We want to make sure we answer all your questions, which will result in better long-term results.
  • Follow-up appointments:  The number of treatments required depends on the nature of the condition, how long it has been present and the ultimate goal.

We may recommend one or more of forms of chiropractic treatment as listed below:

  • DRS Protocol™ - Specialized lumbar and cervical disc treatment protocol, utilizing axial decompression.
  • Manual Manipulation and/or Non-force Adjustment – treat and correct spinal conditions and muscle imbalance.
  • Exercise and stretches – Patient will be trained in self-management of exercises to improve overall muscle imbalance.
  • Chronic & Complex Conditions - Specialized aggressive treatment designed to deal with the nutritional aspects of any condition (the chemical aspects of the disease).
  • Pain Management - Determining individual characteristics which differentiate an individual's pain and treating the according factors.
  • Enzyme Therapy - Treating the human body through enzyme replacement allows the system to function properly.
  • Weight Loss - Taking the body to its natural weight by increasing metabolism and turning your body into an efficient machine.
  • Vitamin Center - Allowing patients access to the finest vitamin and nutritional supplements.

Most patients can feel results within a couple of weeks or a few treatments. Some patients may experience recovery within 48 hours of treatment.  For chronic pain or severe disc injuries it may take several treatments over several weeks. It often takes time to train the body how to move differently and prevent aggravation of the injury.