Our Patients are the Proof!

“I had lived for many years with excruciating back and leg pain that had limited my activity and quality of life. According to my medical provider at that time, my only option was surgery. My wife and I were very concerned with the risks involved with surgery as well as the financial impact it would have. In need of a second opinion, I came to see you. According to your diagnosis, surgery was not mandatory and I could be treated with chiropractic therapy, DRS and exercise. The quality care that I received from you and your team has been extraordinary beyond compare. I have always been treated with the highest level of professional courtesy and the dedication from your office has enabled me to improve my condition substantially. Since the DRS treatments, I have not had any pain for the last three months and have been able to fully enjoy various activities such as baseball, volleyball and even hiking with my children. Thank you for making a substantial difference in my recovery from living a constrained life of pain and limited activity. DRS has made a significant difference in my life!”

  • - T. G.

“I was playing college football and herniated two discs in my back. I had excruciating pain in my low back and hip. I could not stand up straight, sit in a chair for longer than 15 minutes, and trying to sleep was difficult. Within weeks of starting DRS at McKim Chiropractic, I had no more pain. I was able to begin lifting weights and training again. My back feels great!”

  • Daniel S. - Meridian, Idaho

“I had very, very painful neck and shoulder pain which went down into my elbow and hand. I could not straighten the fingers of my left hand by themselves. After treating at McKim Chiropractic with the DRS protocol, my neck pain completely went away, I can move better, and I can now open my left hand by itself.“

  • Joanne T. – Idaho

“I had such severe back and leg pain due to a herniated disc that I could barely walk. I was put in a lower body cast for 6 months with limited relief. Dr. McKim said that he could help me with the DRS protocol. Since completing treatment, I have been able to go windsurfing and on a 3 day backpacking trip.”

  • Steve K. - Nampa, Idaho

“After treating with DRS I am able to walk better, sleep more, and I don’t have constant pain anymore.”

  • C.R. – Nampa, Idaho

I had dizziness and severe numbness in my legs and arms. After treating with the DRS system at McKim Chiropractic, all my numbness went away. I am now able to do chores and I can drive again. I think the DRS is fantastic!”

  • G.G. - Nampa, Idaho

"When I first came in to see Dr. Josh McKim I was in a great deal of low back pain, which I had suffered with for a couple of years. I was to the point that my activities and movement were very limited. Since doing the DRS treatment I am back to an active lifestyle including exercise, and taking care of my home and a very busy family of nine. My back is pain free as I continue to do my stretches and take care of my back. Thank you Dr. McKim and Staff"

  • C.R. - Idaho

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