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If you’re one of the many people who live with constant back pain, you may wonder how can you relieve lower back pain fast. You are among the many who are looking for low back pain cures. There is good news! Doctors of Chiropractic, or chiropractors, are trained and licensed to treat conditions involving back pain and/or neck pain through “hands-on” chiropractic care. They do not use drugs or surgery as low back pain cures.

Treatment generally consists of the following methods:

  • Spinal manipulation.  Typically a high-velocity, short lever arm thrust is applied to the vertebra to improve function, reduce nerve irritability and restore the whole-body range of motion.
  • Mobilization. This refers to a low-velocity manipulation, movement, and stretching of the muscles and joints, and results in an increased range of motion in the treated areas.

Most people respond favorably to treatment within one to four weeks. However, if this is not the case, there are other issues that may be happening to your body, such as:

  • Other undiagnosed skeletal or muscular problems.
  • On-going ergonomic stress that keep your back and/or neck problems reoccurring.
  • Health conditions that need further diagnostic evaluation or that may benefit from another type of treatment, such as hypothyroidism, or diabetes.

The kind of treatment prescribed for you will depend on the nature and extent of your specific problem. After a thorough examination, which could include x-rays, MRI, Cat scan, etc., your chiropractor will recommend a series of treatments that should reduce your pain fairly quickly. Within one to four weeks, the pain for non-complex musculoskeletal conditions should typically be reduced by 40 to 80%. The frequency of recommended treatment will decrease as your pain and function improve, going from several times a week to a minimum of at least once a month.

McKim Chiropractic offers the DRS Protocol™, a spinal decompression therapy that has been approved by the FDA as a back surgery alternative treatment. It works with the body to restore the correct alignment of the spine while reducing nerve interference, thus reducing your pain and allowing the body to heal naturally.

Call McKim Chiropractic today to discuss low back pain cures with one of our chiropractors and to see if you are a candidate for the DRS Protocol™. Our licensed and certified staff is committed to helping the residents of Nampa, ID  achieve their optimum level of health and live pain-free!


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