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Do you wake up every morning with back pain? Many people experience some back pain after staying in one position for several hours. Some causes of pain are out of your control, such as arthritis, injury, and even aging. But, many people experience back pain caused by stress, bad posture, awkward sleeping positions, and other lifestyle habits that disrupt their sleep. However, if your pain does not go away after you get out of bad and start moving around, there may be other issues to consider, such as an underlying medical condition, a bad mattress, or even your sleeping position.

So how to get rid of lower back pain while sleeping? Consult with a chiropractor to find the low back pain treatments that are right for you! With the appropriate chiropractic care, you can find relief through spinal adjustments, spine decompression therapy, massage therapy, ultrasound, and lifestyle tips to help improve the quality of your life!

Here are five tips that may improve your quality of sleep:

  1. Sleep on your side with a pillow between your knees. Allow your right or left shoulder to make contact with the mattress, along with the rest of that side of your body. Place a pillow between your knees. Be sure to change sides occasionally.
  2. Sleep on your side in the fetal position. This is especially helpful if you have a herniated disc. Lay on your back and roll gently to your side; tuck your knees toward your chest and curl your torso toward your knees. Change sides occasionally.
  3. Sleep on your stomach with a pillow under your stomach. This position may add stress to your neck so be sure it is comfortable for you. Place a pillow under your pelvis and lower abdomen to relieve some of the pressure off your back. You may choose whether or not to use a pillow under your head.
  4. Sleep on your back with a pillow under your knees. Lay flat on your back and place a pillow underneath your knees, keeping your spine as straight as possible. This evenly distributes your weight across the widest area of your body, placing less stress on pressure points and keeping your spine and internal organs in better alignment.
  5. Sleep on your back in a reclined position. If you seem to sleep the best in your recliner, consider an adjustable bed for the best alignment and support.

Remember: No matter what sleeping position you choose, it is most important to keep your spine in proper alignment.

Have more questions about lower back pain treatments? Call McKim Chiropractic for more information about how to get rid of lower back pain while sleeping. Our chiropractor doctors are specialized in spinal decompression therapy, using the DRS Protocolâ„¢, to relieve lower back pain associated with spinal and disc problems. Our licensed and certified staff is happy to help the residents of Nampa, ID live a pain-free life.


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