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Severe lower back pain is a major medical issue in the United States. Most times, the pain gets better with time, but if it persists, it is crucial to consider low back pain cures. Low back pain manifests as an aching, burning, or stabbing sensation which can be dull or sharp.

Causes of Severe Lower Back

So, what is the reason for severe lower back pain? There are several causes such as:

Lower Back Injuries

Serious falls, accidents, or heavy lifting can cause serious back injuries. Some injuries happen quickly, but others develop over some time.


The sciatic nerve is a long nerve running from the back to the legs. Sciatica refers to the pain experienced on the sciatic nerve. Sciatica is a leading cause of severe lower back pain resulting from injuries, a wrong posture, or a herniated disc.

Muscle Strains

Performing excess activity can cause the lower back’s muscles and tendons to overstretch or tear, resulting in strains or sprains.

Arthritis of the Spine

It refers to the slow deterioration of the spinal joints as people age. It causes lower back pains due to the wear and tear of the spinal joints.

Herniated Disk

It is a slipped disk that develops when the spinal disk cracks. A slipped disk applies pressure on the surrounding nerves causing unbearable lower back pains.

Low Back Pain Cures

After establishing what is the reason for severe lower back pain, you can opt for any of the following treatments.

Get Pain Medication

Over-the-counter pain medications are the simplest cures for any pain, including severe lower back pain.

Consider Heat Therapy

Applying heat allows your muscles to relax, thus increasing blood circulation and reducing discomfort.

Adopt an Active Lifestyle

Being inactive or immobile for extended periods harms your lower back muscles. Always try to exercise, go for walks, or even stretch for some minutes if your job entails sitting for long hours.

Get a High-Quality Mattress

Sleeping on a worn-out mattress affects your posture and causes serious back pains. Consider getting a back-friendly mattress for better sleep and comfort.

Medical Intervention

Consult your doctor on the best medical procedure if your pain is not responsive to the above self-help cures.

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