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Chiropractic Sports Injury - Get back in the Game!

Amateur sports enthusiasts and professional sports men/women are all likely to suffer from occasional sports injuries.  Injuries may be the result of poor warm-up and stretching techniques, years of poor posture, or a previously undetected spine or joint problem.  Failing to receive the appropriate treatment promptly and continuing to overuse the injured area may prolong the healing process and result in a chronic injury and the shortening of a promising career.

We are fortunate that we have all four seasons to provide us with the opportunity to enjoy a wide variety of sports.  However, this also leads to a wide variety of sports injuries. Sports chiropractic care has become vital to the injured athlete. Whether your love for running has turned into a painful case of plantar fasciitis, or your golf swing has resulted in low back pain, sports chiropractic care can help.

Experienced Sports Chiropractor!

As doctors experienced in sports chiropractic treatment, we can help relieve your pain and get you back in the game!  Whether you need a skilled chiropractic adjustment, kinesiotaping or intense directed massage, we have the right tools to help your sports injury heal.