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Apr 15 2019

Today’s culture urges us to exercise in order to keep fit and to avoid weight gain. This is a fun way, either with a team or partner, to burn calories, tone muscles, and increase metabolism. Unfortunately, whether amateurs or professional, most people will experience some type of injury related to a sport or fitness regimen at some time in their life.

It would be wise to find a sports chiropractor early on to treat any type of injury, whether minor or major.  If the injury is not severe, its effect may not be felt until many years later. .

Amateur sports enthusiasts and professional sportsmen/women alike are all likely to suffer from occasional sports injuries due to poor warm-up and stretching techniques, years of poor posture, or a previously undetected spine or joint problem. Failing to receive the appropriate sports chiropractic treatment promptly and continuing to overuse the injured area may prolong the healing process and result in a chronic injury and shorten the possibility of a promising career.

Are you needing a sports chiropractor?  For more information about sports chiropractic care, call McKim Chiropractic today to schedule a consultation and examination. Our doctors of chiropractic can provide skilled chiropractic adjustments, kinesiotaping, or intense directed message. The licensed and certified staff at McKim Chiropractic is committed to helping the residents of Boise, ID, Nampa, ID, and Caldwell, ID, stay in the game!