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Did you know that massage therapy dates back thousands of years to ancient countries such as China, Japan, India, Egypt, Greece, and Rome? During the Renaissance, it became popular in Europe and was introduced in the United States in 1850 where it became popular for a variety of health reasons. During the 1930s and 40s, it lost some of its popularity because of the scientific and technological advances in medical treatment. However, during the 1970s athletes started using massage therapy to help them in their game, reinstating the popularity of massage therapy.

So what does massage therapy do? Research supports the general conclusion that massage therapy is effective for a variety of health reasons that are beneficial for most people, including:

If you’re tired of living with pain, try chiropractic treatment! A doctor of chiropractic can find the cause of your pain, and then give you the right treatment so that your pain disappears! But how often should you see a chiropractor, you ask? Chiropractic care is a prescribed course of treatment determined by the nature of your condition, how long it has been present, and your ultimate goal. Do you want to just get by, or do you want to achieve complete wellness?

So that our patients receive the full benefits of chiropractic care, we recommend the schedule of appointments as outlined below:

Common among many adults, neck pain can actually occur at any age. It can happen suddenly, such as from an injury, or it may develop slowly, such as from years of poor posture. Some instances of neck pain can resolve themselves within a few days or weeks, but if it continues for many weeks or months, it could signal an underlying cause that needs to be taken care of. A strained neck chiropractor will look to find the underlying cause of one’s neck pain and then prescribe the appropriate treatment.

So how do you know if your neck is out of alignment? Misalignment can be caused by any number of things, such as the birthing process (which causes problems later in life), whiplash or a sports injury, repetitive trauma, such as poor posture, staring at devices too frequently, sleeping in odd positions, and poor posture either from sitting or standing.

If you want to know what is the fastest way to relieve back pain, then you should be looking for a back chiropractor. Sadly, back injuries are a part of our daily lives. The act of walking alone puts intense pressure on the spine, as well as on the rest of our bones and muscles. Then, consider the constant lifting, reaching, standing, or sitting with poor posture, sports, not to mention the natural act of our body’s aging process. These are all ingredients that can lead to chronic back pain.

Did you know that back pain is the second most common reason for visits to a doctor’s office (the first reason is upper-respiratory infections)? Fortunately, a healthy spine can handle minor back injuries, healing itself within a few days. However, there are times when your pain seems to last forever! Regardless of whether your pain is caused by a minor or a major injury, don’t put off finding a back chiropractor. They have been educated and trained to know and understand the underlying cause of your pain and are skilled in treating it, safely and effectively—drug-free!

Here is some advice from a back chiropractor with tips to help you prevent injury to your spine:

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