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Your First Visit:

Upon arrival in our office, paperwork will be given to get demographic information as well as a relevant past and present medical history.  Please remember to bring a photo ID and insurance card.  Once the paperwork is finished, you will be taken to an exam room where we will try to make sure we get a good picture of your chronic and current complaints.  In most cases, x-rays will then be taken to help diagnose the condition. 

After examining the X-rays, the doctor will meet with you and perform a thorough physical exam.  This is a combination of orthopedic testing, neurological testing, and physical palpation.  The doctor will then perform a chiropractic adjustment to the affected areas.  Since every patient and condition is unique, the adjustment can be quite different for each patient.  Both of our doctors have had years of experience and have been trained in many different adjusting techniques.  These techniques can range from extremely gentle to more aggressive if needed. 

After the adjustment, the doctor will explain what to expect after the treatment, answer questions, and give recommendations to help accelerate your recovery time. (ie: icing, heating, stretching instructions, etc.)

You will then be taken to our therapy room.  Here you will often receive intersegmental traction therapy and electrical stimulation therapy.  Both of these therapies are designed to help relax the muscles and joints, reduce inflammation, and encourage the healing process to begin.  Most patients love this part of treatment and on your initial visit, it is 100% free!

This visit usually takes approximately 45 minutes to 1 hour to complete.

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Your Second Visit

On your second visit, usually within a day or two of your first visit, we will perform a report of findings.  This report is a FREE service provided to help you better understand your condition.  At this report, the doctor will talk to you about your response to the initial treatment and walk you through your x-rays.  After answering any questions, the doctor will give treatment recommendations, explain your insurance, and give different payment options.  This appointment usually takes approximately 20 minutes.   

A Lasting Relationship

At this point, you are now an established patient!  We currently have patients who have been treated in our office since 1980 when Dr. McKim first began.  Some patients are treated regularly, while others drop in every once in a while as needed. We are here to help whatever your needs are! 

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