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Many parents realize that when children participate in sports activities, they gain much more than learning a game, they develop discipline, respect, time management, leadership skills, problem-solving techniques, and, unfortunately, a possible misaligned spine. In some cases, spinal issues that have your child in constant pain may outweigh the positive aspects of youth athletics. Student-athletes can definitely benefit from sports chiropractic care!

Whatever sport your child may be involved in, whether high-impact (such as a wrestler, gymnast, or runner) or low-impact (such as bowling or ping pong), your child will inevitably experience some aches and pains to various levels.

Here is how your student-athlete can benefit from sports chiropractic:

  1. Helps prevent injuries before they occur.  If your child is suffering from issues such as dizziness, imbalance, limited range of motion, tingling in feet, arms or hands, or nausea, their spine may be misaligned without realizing it until it impacts sports performance. Left untreated, their symptoms may get worse, making them more difficult to manage.
  2. Provides pain relief.  Many parents are not comfortable with the thought of administering prescription pain medication to their children. Thus, seeking sports chiropractic treatment to find the source of their pain can help them manage pain without medication.
  3. Provides an improved range of motion.  Sports require constant movement, but it's difficult to play with a limited range of motion. Ongoing sports chiropractic care can increase flexibility and reduce muscle stiffness, which also helps decrease the risk of injuries from pulled muscles.
  4. Shortens recovery time. Your student-athlete should not return to a game while suffering from an injury. This may lead to additional injuries. Sports chiropractic care can help their body heal naturally and more quickly by reducing swelling and inflammation by promoting healthy blood flow throughout their body.
  5. Stay ready.  If your child is hoping for a college scholarship or to place on a competitive team, sports chiropractic care can help stay ready for the game by reducing or eliminating pain.
  6. Coordinate with other medical professionals. Sports chiropractors like to work together with your student’s other medical professionals, such as pediatricians and primary care physicians, to complement their treatment plans.

A word of advice: Don't wait until your child receives a serious injury before looking for a sports chiropractor.

Our team of sports chiropractors at McKim Chiropractic are happy to help your athlete reach their full potential. Call McKim Chiropractic for more information about how sports chiropractic can benefit your child, and to schedule an appointment. Our trained and certified staff is committed to helping the student-athletes of Nampa, ID, and Caldwell, ID, stay in shape!

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