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Spinal decompression treatment is a type of non-surgical procedure in which the spine is decompressed so that it can relieve pain and pressure. what happens during spinal decompression therapy is a motorized device that is designed to mimic the forces exerted during movements, especially those that involve flexing.

What happens during spinal decompression therapy, the patient is suitably harnessed with pelvic and trunk holders. They guide long binary dots on the directional table and then place them on a directional table that can move in various directions.

The time of treatment during which the patients are advised to wear a loose and comfortable outfit is usually between 30 and 45 minutes

Here are some expert tips for maximizing the benefits of spine decompression therapy:

  1. Follow the recommended treatment plan: However, to see all the benefits of the plan, it is obligatory to stick to the recommended treatment plan suggested by your therapist
  2. Stay hydrated:  Drinking water in plenty amounts all day may keep your body hydrated which in turn helps promote the flow of fluids to the spinal discs for a gradual healing process.
  3. Engage in low-impact exercises: Light exercises like walking or swimming can be effective in this pursuit as overtime they make the muscles around the spine stronger bettering the posture
  4. Maintain a healthy diet:  A diverse and nutrition-rich diet that comprises vitamins, minerals, and protein will increase the tissue integrity of the discs in the spine and enhance their strength.
  5. Communicate with your therapist: Communicating any discomfort you feel during a session is of the utmost importance as it will be followed up by a conversation

In summary, spine decompression therapy can be a non-invasive therapy method helpful for back pain and other spinal problems.

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