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You have probably heard many people say, “My back hurts!” And at some point, you may have said it yourself. This is a common problem among many people of all ages. There are certain conditions where traditional chiropractic treatment, massage, physical therapy, or acupuncture may fail to relief, such as constant pain in your neck or back, or sciatic nerve pain from herniated discs. Thus, it is important that you find a chiropractor who can offer spine decompression therapy. You don’t have to take pain medication or resort to surgery to find relief from your pain.

You may be wondering, is spinal decompression therapy painful? It should not be painful! Spine decompression therapy is a gentle, non-surgical treatment that can instantly relieve disc-related pressure, stimulate blood flow through your spine, and promote long-term healing. Although you can experience significant pain relief just after a couple of treatments, long-lasting pain relief can be realized after completing your entire treatment cycle.

How does spine decompression therapy work, you ask? The spinal column is slowly, steadily, and gently stretched to relieve abnormal pressure on the discs that sit between the vertebrae. This stretching action creates a negative pressure inside the discs that causes them to retract, creating a reverse vacuum that helps draw protruding disc material back into place. Treatment also promotes increased blood flow to the spinal discs so that nutrient-rich fluids and oxygen can flow, promoting cell renewal, tissue repair, and long-term healing.

After a thorough examination, your treatment plan is based on a variety of factors, ranging from your body weight and spinal condition to the duration of your symptoms and your level of sensitivity. During treatment, a specialized computer continuously monitors spinal resistance as well as any involuntary “guarding” response from the body, adjusting the force as needed so that the patient can remain relaxed throughout the process.

For more information about spine decompression therapy and to schedule an appointment, call McKim Chiropractic. Their chiropractors will be glad to discuss the DRS Protocol™, a safe, non-surgical treatment for back pain associated with spinal and disc problems. Before prescribing a course of treatment, you will be given a thorough examination to determine whether you are a candidate for the DRS Protocol™ Therapy. Our licensed and certified staff is happy to help the residents of Nampa, ID, and Caldwell, ID, achieve a pain-free life!

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