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Chiropractic services are usually sought for pain relief arising from the injury to the nervous and musculoskeletal systems. But in the tradition of chiropractic care, the whole person is cared for. For example, when a patient with low back pain first comes to the office, they will be asked for detailed information about their overall health. This may include past accident history, past hospitalizations, current medication list, family and social histories, occupational history, habit history, and a review of all the body’s systems (cardiovascular, respiratory, endocrine, EENT, genitourinary, skin, digestive, blood/lymphatic, and more).

Chiropractor services treat the whole person so when obesity is present in a patient, the chiropractor sees treating it as part of the healing process. Although the main focus is usually given to the primary complaint, all the reasons as to why the low back hurts are considered. In most cases, there is more than one single cause. Your chiropractic doctor will give you a thorough examination to identify all the possible reasons as to how the back was injured. They can then treat the cause of your pain, not just the symptom.

As part of chiropractic services, all possible causes for low back pain will be looked at, which could include things like obesity, a short leg, flat/pronated feet, knee, hip, and pelvic issues. These possible issues can also affect one’s efforts to exercise, and in fact, may worsen every time they try.

There are several reasons that a person may have a tendency to gain weight, or not be able to lose weight, such as a family history of obesity, thyroid deficiency (it regulates our metabolic rate), the kind of food you eat and when you eat (fast food vs. whole food), and the time spent exercising (which helps regain flexibility, strength, stamina, and coordination).

The first part of chiropractic services involves eliminating the “cause” of the lower back pain by decreasing inflammation. Then, in consideration of the patient’s tolerance, the spine will be manipulated to restore spinal and extremity joint function so that exercise can be integrated back into their lifestyle. Nutritional consulting with diets may include calorie counting, restriction diets, the “Paleo” diet, low carbohydrate diet, or other options as appropriate.

The goal of chiropractor services is to help patients find ways that can be continued for the long-term that work for them. Then, the patient can be in control of their weight, their low back pain, and their lives.

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