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Chiropractic care continues to grow in popularity across the U.S. An estimated 27 million Americans choose chiropractic care each year, with prenatal and infant adjustments becoming more popular. Choosing a prenatal or infant chiropractor means looking for specific training and skills.

  1. Women's Health Training:  When looking for prenatal chiropractic care, there are training and licenses to seek out. Chiropractors trained in the Webster Technique, BirthFit certification, or practices Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization can offer benefits during pregnancy.
  2. Discuss Postpartum Recovery: Despite focusing on the prenatal care of a patient, a chiropractor should be looking at potential postpartum issues. A chiropractor should consider balance, stability, and the pelvic floor following the birth.
  3. An Active Chiropractic Appointment:  An active chiropractic appointment is a preparation for labor and delivery. Alongside adjustments for comfort, a chiropractor can work with a patient to prepare them for the stress and strain of labor.
  4. A Supportive Chiropractor:  A prenatal chiropractor should be well-versed in the different kinds of labor available for women. The role of a chiropractor is to be supportive without forcing their ideas on a patient.
  5. Discuss Different Issues:  The work of a prenatal chiropractor should include discussion about different areas of the body and not just the spine.
  6. Adjusting Misaligned Vertebrae:  After birth, chiropractic infant care can be vital. Labor is difficult on the body of an infant, with adjustments for misaligned vertebrae improving blood flow for an infant.
  7. Improve Sleep Habits:  Chiropractic care can help soothe a fussy infant. Some studies show a misalignment during birth can lead to sleep issues in an infant that is handled through an adjustment to the spine.
  8. Treat Different Issues:  Colic and gastrointestinal reflux are common issues for infants in the months after birth. Infant chiropractic adjustments can help soothe these medical issues.
  9. Boost the Immune System: The immune system is part of the body that can be affected by different issues. A misaligned spine or limb can cause widespread problems for the immune system. A chiropractor can limit these issues through adjustments.
  10. Address Injuries in Toddlers:  As an infant grows, they become a toddler and learn to walk. A toddler will fall a lot and can throw their body out of alignment. Regular infant chiropractic care will address any damage when learning to walk.

A chiropractor will handle the care and support of patients with prenatal chiropractic, with the first years of life part of a regular chiropractic regimen.

Wondering what are the tips for choosing the right prenatal chiropractic treatment? Call McKim Chiropractic for more information about Infant Chiropractic and to schedule a consultation with a licensed and certified chiropractor. Our licensed and certified staff at McKim Chiropractic is committed to helping the families of Nampa, ID live life pain-free!

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