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Jun 11 2018

School is out and summer has arrived! Expanding our variety of activities is all part of the fun and enjoyment that we look forward to during the cold winter months. Unfortunately, summer can also be a time of physical hazards. Certain injuries are more common during summer than at other times of the year. Everything from gardening to sports, running, walking and swimming can result in muscle injuries and pain. Sometimes these problems occur because of poor technique, like twisting incorrectly or lifting from the back instead of the legs.

Whether you have been training over the winter or not, using your muscles in a new way can cause fatigue and stress on your body, which can quickly result in sorts of problems and injuries. Muscles can become sore, achy, and tight, resulting in sprain and strain injuries to the muscles and ligaments in the back, neck, and extremities.

Here are three of the most common injuries that affect people in the summer:

Jun 04 2018

Low back problems are one of the most prevalent issues that people worldwide suffer. They don’t understand the premise of chiropractic care and how it can help relieve back pain without drugs or surgery.  Many people are either just too busy or they think their pain will go away on its own. They wait for symptoms to appear before they seek chiropractic treatment. This can be alarming since many symptoms of back problems may not occur until after months or years of body malfunction and deterioration.

Chiropractic care has been safely and effectively helping patients for over 100 years, saving them from pain, disability, drugs, and surgery. Finding a chiropractor for back pain can help you get active again— pain-free! This will make the difference between a life of ease, health, and comfort, or a life of pain, disease, and disability.

How can chiropractic care help your back?

May 21 2018

First of all, you may be asking, “What is spinal decompression therapy?” This may be a question you need answered if you are suffering from chronic pain in your lower back. To put it in simple terms, spinal decompression therapy is a safe and effective back surgery alternative, used to relieve back pain and other problems associated with spinal disc injuries.

Traditional treatments for back and spine problems include surgery, medication, or chiropractic care. Spinal decompression therapy is an alternative FDA-approved treatment option that has shown very good results. It is non-invasive and provides gentle decompression of the disc through the use of a decompression table that applies a distraction force to the targeted area of the spine (the compressed disc). A computer controls the distraction force which is applied in between periods of relaxation. This gently elongates the spine, creating a small vacuum between the vertebrae which then helps pull the disc back into shape.