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Aug 06 2018

As with so many things, an ounce of prevention may be worth a pound of cure when it comes to neck pain. Being aware of good sleeping positions and proper pillows can help minimize your pain. Of course, some causes of neck pain, such as age-related wear and tear, are not under your control. But there are some things you can do to minimize pain. Look at how you sleep and the effect it can have on neck pain.

Two sleeping positions are easiest on the neck--on your side or on your back. Here are five tips that can help minimize the risk of neck pain for side-and back-sleepers:

Jul 23 2018

Have you been told that surgery is your only option to relieve your chronic back pain? Depending on the severity of the condition, a combination of non-surgical treatment options may be the best solution for treating your pain.

Back pain is considered chronic if it lasts three months or longer. The pain can come and go, temporary relief followed by frustration. Chronic back pain is usually age-related, but can also result from a prior injury. The most common causes include:

  • Arthritis of the spine—the gradual thinning of the cartilage inside the spine
  • Spinal stenosis—narrowing of the spinal canal that may lead to nerve pain
  • Disc problems, such as a herniated or bulging disc
  • Myofascial pain syndrome—unexplained muscle pain and tenderness

Dealing with chronic back pain can be especially trying if you don’t know the cause. In some cases, it’s difficult to pinpoint the cause. Don’t make rushed decisions or undergo extensive medical procedures until the origin of the pain is found. Not only may they not help; they could make the pain worse.

What are some Back Surgery Alternatives?

Jul 16 2018

If you are a parent, you know that children experience many falls and mishaps as they grow. There is a great probability of numerous minor injuries occurring that may not seem significant at the time. However, as time passes, possibly years, these minor injuries can accumulate and become a significant health issue as an adult.

As a concerned parent, you may have studied up on the development of your children. You may be aware that the master control system of growth, repair and the function of every tissue and organ in the body is the nervous system. This system is in charge of accurately interpreting the messages coming from the environment and deciding which messages to send so that the body adjusts itself appropriately. With regular pediatric care, your child’s nervous system is kept in correct alignment so that their body receives the correct signals for growing and functioning.