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Jul 09 2018

If you suffer from chronic pain in your lower back, limbs, or neck, please consider the benefits of going to a chiropractor. There may be days when you don’t understand why you are in such pain, even though you have already had back surgery, on medication, or have undergone an extensive series of physical therapy. Regular chiropractic treatment can help keep your pain under control, without surgery or medication!

Chiropractic treatment is known to be effective in treating pain.  But what about long-term? Patients have reported that regular treatments of spinal manipulation for their chronic pain has resulted in pain-free living. Just as your home requires vigilant upkeep to prevent the walls, floors, and roof from deteriorating, so persons who suffer from chronic pain require consistent chiropractic treatment to help them get on the road to chiropractic wellness.

What are the benefits of going to a chiropractor?

Jun 18 2018

Back pain is a modern epidemic. More than 80% of Americans will experience severe low back pain at least once during their lifetime. Chiropractors have helped millions of people with back problems, often saving them from a lifetime of pain, disability, drugs, and surgery with a natural low back pain treatment. This is the difference between a life of health and comfort or a life of pain, disease, and disability.

Here are a few tips to help prevent severe low back pain from beginning:

Jun 11 2018

School is out and summer has arrived! Expanding our variety of activities is all part of the fun and enjoyment that we look forward to during the cold winter months. Unfortunately, summer can also be a time of physical hazards. Certain injuries are more common during summer than at other times of the year. Everything from gardening to sports, running, walking and swimming can result in muscle injuries and pain. Sometimes these problems occur because of poor technique, like twisting incorrectly or lifting from the back instead of the legs.

Whether you have been training over the winter or not, using your muscles in a new way can cause fatigue and stress on your body, which can quickly result in sorts of problems and injuries. Muscles can become sore, achy, and tight, resulting in sprain and strain injuries to the muscles and ligaments in the back, neck, and extremities.

Here are three of the most common injuries that affect people in the summer: